Smokin' C abinet (XL)

This Smoker is designed for the business and Restaurant owner. Built to be efficient while using as little floor space as possible. Fully insulated double wall construction allows this smoker to be very economical and safe. With a sturdy and strong design you can smoke and cook as much meat as needed to fill your daily needs. With 2 doors it allows for easy access and temperature control.

Use This Smoker For:
Included in Base Model:
  • Cold Smoking
  • Medium Heat Smoking
  • Commercial and Catering
  • Venue size : 50-100 people
  • Light Commercial
  • Food Prep
  • Unit fully Assembled
  • 8 x Mild Steel Grids (550 x 460)
  • 2 x Heat Thermometers
  • 2 x Trip Trays (Removable)
  • 4 Heavy Duty Castor Wheels
    (2 Lockable)

Optional Extras:
  • Weather Cover
  • Stainless Steel Grids
  • Wood
  • Meat Rubs
  • Cold Smoke Generator
    (Smokin’ Genie).


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Smokin Cabinet (XL)