How do you use Gourmet Smoked Coarse Salt?

Gourmet Smoked Coarse Salt can be used in the preparation of your food or as a finish.

Use it alone or combine it with a variety of other spices when preparing meat or fish.

Try it on a few avo slices or sprinkle it over fresh tomato as a snack.

Mealies and potatoes are infused with that smokey flavour when topped with melted butter and Gourmet Smoked Coarse Salt.

Why not give your breakfast an edge by sprinkling Gourmet Smoked Coarse Salt over your fried, scrambled or poached eggs.

Gourmet Smoked Coarse Salt will have your guests/patrons asking for more when added to those Bloody Mary’s.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the different varieties of Gourmet Smoked Coarse Salt …. You will not be disappointed!​​​​
Ronel Venter is the proud owner of this unique product.  

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