Smokin' Barrel

The perfect hot smoker for the smoking enthusiast. As this is our entry level smoker it’s affordable for the guys who is just starting out. Totally fool proof design allows for anyone to be the pro at smoking all the dishes you prefer. With a large smoking chamber this will allow you to cook most cuts of meat in style. This smoker is perfect for a bigger family or for that big family gatherings. Easily smoke and cook 6 chickens, or 4 full pork ribs as an example. 
Use this smoker for:
Cold Smoking
Medium Heat Smoking
High Heat Smoking
Home and big appartments
Small social gatherings
Home use
Family size : 6 - 10 people
​Recreational smoking


Length : 1576mm; Width : 951mm; Hight : 1377mm
​Smoking Volume : 178 L
Weight : 107 Kg
Bottom Grid:  795mm x 450mm
Top Grid:  781mm x 378mm
Fire Box Braai Grid:  420mm x 360mm (PLUS Version)
Cooking Plate:  420mm x 360mm (PLUS Version)
Potjiekos Plate:  420mm x 360mm (PLUS Version)

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